"Phasers on Stun" - A lesson from the Future

In 1966, StarTrek taught us about multi-mode weapons where you choose between disabling and killing. 54 years later, we still haven't learned the lesson…

SEATTLE - June 3, 2020 - PRLog -- Osann IP Consulting today announced US Patent Number 9,921,018 for a multi-mode weapon, and a unique opportunity for one forward-thinking manufacturer. The patent covers a pistol capable of firing both non-lethal and lethal rounds, and also recording which ammunition type was fired, and in what sequence. Using this weapon, police will have a record that an officer fired non-lethal rounds first for an engagement where lethal force was eventually used. The weapon starts in non-lethal mode when first drawn, but can easily be placed in lethal mode simultaneously with drawing the weapon from its holster.

Echos of Ferguson
Although the death of George Floyd was not by shooting, it still represents excessive use of force on an unarmed person. Reminiscent of Michael Brown; Walter Scott; Breonna Taylor; and a hundred others, this tragedy shows that deadly force is still used by law enforcement officers in dealing with unarmed subjects. There is a better way – and a unique opportunity for one forward thinking manufacturer to produce a weapon that benefits both the police and the public.

Osann IP Consulting is offering a unique deal for the first legitimate manufacturer to make a firm commitment to produce a multi-mode pistol. That company will receive a perpetual, non-exclusive, and royalty-free license, at no cost, to Patent No. 9,921,018. The licensee must produce and market a multi-mode gun within two years, and achieve certain development milestones. Additionally, no competitor will be licensed during that same period of time, giving the first licensed manufacturer an exclusive 2-year head start.

There are currently many suppliers of non-lethal ammunition, and we expect those companies to be most interested in this opportunity. And yes, they would be manufacturing a gun with lethal capability, however if it prevents deaths of unarmed persons the effect is righteous nonetheless. Note that recent history has shown that Tasers are not an adequate solution. They are large and bulky, and officers don't even like to carry them (see the court record for the Ferguson case). A non-lethal solution integrated into the officer's primary service weapon is the only practical solution.

To learn more, please contact us at 408-313-1990 or info@osann.net.

About Osann IP Consulting:

Robert Osann is an Intellectual Property consultant, inventor, and veteran of VC-backed Silicon Valley startups – including co-founder at five and CEO at two. To date, he has 68 US and 4 British patents issued plus other patents pending.  Since 2007, he has sold a total of 8 patents and 10 applications to 4 different buyers in 5 transactions, including two smartphone patents, four semiconductor patents, and two smart-home patents. Visit Osann IP Consulting.  Other patents offered for sale or license may be viewed at www.silaero.com.

Since 2008, Robert has focused his inventions on areas that benefit mankind.
These include:

Reduced Texting While Driving – 8 patents – see: www.safetexting.org

Secure Entrance to Block Weapons – 9 patents – see: www.barbecan.com

Earthquake Cell Phone – Locate people buried in rubble – US Pat No 10,070,249

Multi-mode Weapon – Fewer killings of unarmed persons – US Pat No 9,921,018

Osann IP Consulting

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