Blockex is committed to building a new trustworthy business value network

With the advent of 5g era and big data era, the data collection ability of the Internet has changed qualitatively, the data economy of the Internet has leaped, the centralized development of the economy has polarized people's economy, more than 85% of the world's wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few people, and the block chain technology with decentralization as the development core will play its technical charm.
Blockex x is determined to build a new trustworthy business value network. While solving the problems of industry data delay, data overstaffed, storage bottleneck, imperfect audit mechanism and economic downturn, block x will let investors' assets grow steadily, deflation become moderate, and the French currency no longer depreciate, and build a benign and sustainable decentralized economic ecological era, In short, it means that all people can go back to the same running line and get rich.
Blockex is a blockchain public chain project. Its technology has passed the testing of block chain bottom technology of international Supercomputing Center and multinational financial data testing center, and obtained the authoritative testing report. At the same time, because of its excellent technology, the new multi band and multi task module technology of blockchain technology and active electric scanning phased array (AESA) technology has been developed jointly with the US radar experiment, so as to realize the technical requirements of future radar.
But Blockex's value is more than that. In order to achieve the growth of the wealth of the whole people, it must go through the value circulation. So Blockex has issued a total of 1 billion and only 15 million ecological token BLK. Users can get BLK through holding and promotion, and how much BLK they can get will be calculated according to the reverse order weighting algorithm of jumping ranking in Blockex system and the revenue model of magnetic distance promotion Ranking. Blockex's technical team and economic experts have designed a perfect revenue model, so that every user can enjoy the fair and non monopolized rights and interests, so that BLK can fall into the hands of real users, avoiding the manipulation of dealers and consortiums, and also allowing all users who build ecology for Blockex to have revenue, so that the community can achieve win-win.
At present, block has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with technology applications of many countries to enable BLK to move freely around the world and build block ecology through technology. In the future, users will be able to enjoy applications such as storage, intelligent AI farm, data provider, web hosting and SaaS application in block ecosystem, which is convenient for daily life. However, a series of complete modules such as blockchain game, point-to-point payment, face recognition, broken chain digital wallet, medical health, intelligent IOT and financial services in ecosystem can Help users' digital assets grow rapidly.
Block solves the industry pain point, and improves the currently criticized centralized economic model in the world, so that fairness, justice and openness can truly become everyone's rights, which is bound to be a pioneering work to change history and the future! Blockex's incubation of high-quality projects, real application of scenarios and win-win ecological diversity will be the vane in the field of Internet digital technology! In the future, block foundation has invited you to build a new era of big data wealth!
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