Sentences of 3 Blackwater guards reduced from 2007 massacre

Sep 6, 2019

A federal judge has greatly reduced the sentences of three former Blackwater security contractors, in the latest development from a complex case dating back to the 2007 shootings of unarmed civilians in Baghdad

Mourners gather in Texas to honor slain trooper

Sep 6, 2019

Law enforcement officers from across the country have traveled to South Texas to salute a trooper who died Aug. 24 more than four months after being shot

Survivors' advice for others touched by shootings: Seek help

Sep 6, 2019

For those who survive deadly shootings, the scars are not only physical

Official: Feds search home for link to gun in Texas shooting

Sep 5, 2019

A federal law enforcement official says ATF agents have executed a search warrant at the Lubbock, Texas home of a man they believe was involved in the "transfer" of an AR-style rifle to the gunman involved in the Labor Day weekend mass shooting

Facebook ads underscore Trump's mixed messages on guns

Sep 4, 2019

President Donald Trump says he wants to move quickly on gun violence legislation, but his new push comes just days after an ad on his official Facebook page warning that Democrats are looking to seize Americans' firearms

Florida school shooting defense wants prosecutors removed

Sep 4, 2019

Defense attorneys in Florida's high school massacre case want a judge to remove the current prosecutors because they won't reconsider seeking the death penalty for the defendant

Walmart to stop some ammo sales, ask to not open carry guns

Sep 3, 2019

Walmart says it will discontinue the sale of handgun and short-barrel ammunition and publicly request that its customers refrain from openly carrying firearms in its stores

MGM to use Vegas shooting site as community center

Sep 3, 2019

MGM Resorts says it plans to convert the shuttered Las Vegas Strip festival grounds that were the site of a 2017 mass shooting into a community and athletic center and parking for the new stadium being built for the NFL's Oakland Raiders

Neighbor: Texas gunman was 'violent, aggressive person'

Sep 3, 2019

The state trooper who pulled over the gunman in a West Texas rampage wasn't aware that Seth Aaron Ator had called police and the FBI, making what were called "rambling statements" after being fired that morning from his oil services job

FBI: West Texas gunman 'was on a long spiral of going down'

Sep 2, 2019

Authorities say the gunman in a West Texas rampage "was on a long spiral of going down" and had been fired from his oil services job the day he killed seven people, calling 911 both before and after the shooting began

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